What’s Included With a Serviced Office?

What features do you get with a serviced office? From fantastic canteen facilities to breakout space, we look at what’s on offer when you choose a fully serviced office with Arrow…

What is a serviced office? 

If you’ve ever moved offices and have been frustrated by the sheer volume of ‘stuff’ that’s part and parcel of a move – from arranging phone lines to buying office furniture to finding a new cleaning company – a serviced office will feel like a very welcome alternative.

Fully serviced is the all-in option. Everything is provided which means moving couldn’t be easier and takes up far less of your time and headspace. Budgeting is easier too because there are no nasty hidden costs.

Having your office space in Arrow means that whenever there’s a problem – a door that won’t lock, a heater that won’t heat or a desk with an annoying wobble – one call will sort it out. That can save you valuable hours in terms of sourcing maintenance people.   

Breakout space

A space to escape. A space to relax. A space to work together in an environment that doesn’t involve desks. Breakout areas offer plenty of versatility, but their underlying value is in wellbeing because it’s one thing to say you support your people’s right to take a break from their desks; it’s quite another to provide a space for it to happen.

Modern Office Canteens

Meeting rooms

With thanks to our glass-panelled boardrooms you can wow your clients without having to make massive investment in a property or lease.

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