10 reasons reasons to chose a coworking space

1. You work when and where needed:  The contracts are flexible and they can be adapted corresponding to your needs.

2. All inclusive fee: in a coworking space all of the duties needed to take care of in an office (connection, heating, electricity, furniture purchase, space management and cleaning services) are all included. No more wasting time to pay bills, the time dedicated to work will be exclusively dedicated to what you do best.

3. Optimising resources: thanks to the office dynamism and variation of professionals it is possible to expand or reduce the space occupied within a couple of hours, optimising resources at their maximum.

ing resources: thanks to the office dynamism and variation of professionals it is possible to expand or reduce the space occupied within a couple of hours, optimising resources at their maximum.

4. Your personal non-office: the stimulating atmosphere adds up to the comfort granted by a unique space with an innovative design targeted to work, without any typical office rules, but also to relax and create a network.

5. Networking: encountering people, sharing experiences and meeting new potential clients. Sharing spaces aids the interchange of experiences and professional development.

6. Job opportunities: working in a shared space will enable you to get in touch with many potential clients. The opportunities multiply due to the fact that co-working spaces also ensure online exposure through profile platforms for all the professional residents and the services they offer.

7. Develop your competences: co-working spaces offer the chance to meet programmers, web developers, video-makers, startups and many more professionals that can help develop your expertise in a variety of different aspects.

8. Formation programs and conferences: are you interested in getting to know more about growth hacking, UX design or e-commerce? Or taking part in the most disruptive conferences on digital topics? In a coworking space all of this is possible: workshops and events based on what the coworkers are interested in, are regularly organized.

9. Strategic locations: the centrality of a location and the accessibility to public transport are fundamental requirements; co-working spaces open in well connected areas and easily reachable by car or by using public transport.

10. Increase in productivity and creativity: Working at home is relatively easy and convenient, but sometimes all you need is the typical buzzing background noise found in work places in order to keep you wide-awake and focused. It has been found out that the majority of people result in being more productive in a co-working space than at home. The creation of networks, construction of competences and social relationships are what enrich expertise and personal and professional experience. The balance between working and private life will be extremely benefitted by the separation of environments.

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